Beyond the Barriers of Tradition

Bruria - Nancy Carman - Judy Chicago - Lisa Wei-Ling Chock - Margaret Ford - Viola Frey

Joanne Hayakawa - Joyce Moty - Jacquelyn Ione Rice - Nancy Selvin - Patti Warashima

Overglaze Imagery - November 11 - December 15, 1977   The Artists:  Selected Contemporary Ceramists
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Overglaze -The Gallery

Artist:  Judy Chicago, "Did You Know That Your Mother Had A Sacred Heart?"   1976

porcelain, china paint - 50.2 h x 50.2 w x 4.0 d


Artist:  Viola Frey, "Persian Fallow Deer"  1973

low-fired clay, unvitrified, white opaque glaze,overglazes, French fat oil, Lavendar oil, Elvacite 20-30, solvent Zylene, china paint- 80.2h x 54.4 w

Artist:  Patti Warashima, "They Thought It Was My Last Trip"  1977

low-fire clay, high-fire underglaze, glaze, china paint, lustre, plastic - 30.4 h x 44.5 w x 96.2 l  

Artist:  Bruria, "Oracle of the Woods"  1975-77

high fired porcelain, china paint, matte glaze, camellias dipped in porcelain - 27.8 h x 17.6 w

Artist:  Nancy Carman, "Fortress" 1977

ball and talc clay, underglaze, glaze, china paint, sand - 27.3 h x 27.3 w x 27.3 d

Artist:  Lisa Wei-Ling Chock, "Sadhu Maharaj-Ji"  1977

Duncan's cone 05 Transparent, china paint, lustres - 14 h x 18.5 w

Artist:  Margaret Ford, "Imari Rocaille"  1977

commercial glaze, underglaze, overglaze, hand painted and air-brushed, transfers, lustres - 32.2 h x 40.2 w

Artist:  Joyce Moty, "Lady Wrestler"  1977

white earthernware clay, glaze, china paint, glitter - 54.4 h x 36.8 w

Artist:  Joanne Hayakawa, "Fatigued Dialogue"  1977

stoneware, earthernware, underglaze,low-fire glaze, china paint - 58.4 h x 119.3 w


Artist:  Jacquelyn Ione Rice. "Terra Cotta Box"  1976

terra cotta clay, underglaze, glaze, china paint, lustre - 22 h x 227 w

Artist:  Nancy Selvin, "Coffeepot#3"  1977

earthenware clay, air-brushed china paint, overglaze decal on handle and bottom of coffeepot - 18.5 h x 24.0 diameter

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