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Overglaze Imagery:  Cone 019 to Cone 016 initially developed out of a concern to focus an exhibition of painted images on ceramic form which utilize surface colorants fired at the low ranges as indicated by the cone numbers.  This material, china paint, requires special handling and produces colors on fired ceramics unattainable by other means.  Its existence and use has generally been accepted by many of today's vanguard ceramists.  Documentation establishing the roots of development in the use of china paint has heretofore gone unnoticed in mainstream ceramic art.  I am deeply grateful to the many dedicated individuals who assisted me with this documentation. Dextra Frankel, 1977

Exhibition Focus:

Painted Porcelain and Faience in the Orient and Europe from the 13th to the Early 20th Century

World of the China Painter

Beyond the Barriers of Tradition










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